Download 2017 Jenks HSA Candidate Profiles and put in the Ballot Box located in main office by Monday June 12th.

Bios of the Candidates (photos at the link above)


Eva Dorcus – I am completely invested in Jenks, not only as a parent of a Kindergartener with 2 other small children, but because I also live 2 blocks away and love the neighborhood as a whole.

I’ll create a clear path of communication between the school and parents to band everyone together. Information delivered in a timely manor is key here. My plan for this upcoming year will be to streamline events, focus on what the HSA does best, and align our goals with The Friends of Jenks.

I also believe that the community, businesses, and Jenks should be working closely together. My relationships in the Chestnut Hill area will usher in a more positive forum for this.

Vice President:

Shana Dixon – I believe I have the enthusiasm to bring innovative and new ideas and the organizational skills to implement them to completion. I would like to reignite and bridge the gap between parents, faculty, staff and community so that we are all working on one accord for the well being and success of our students.

Genene Jones – I’m running because of the urgency for parent involvement and bridging the gap between home and school environments that will allow for a positive and safe structures learning atmosphere for both parents, students, teachers and the community.

Shakirrah Rawlins – I would like to affect change in the children’s experience at Jenks Academy. Supporting current programming, parents and assisting with creating new developments is my goal.

Caroline Stroll – We are a new Jenks family – very keen to help the school in any ways that are required – ready and willing to get involved!

Rochelle Thomas – Rochelle has 10 years of experience working with local non-profits as a consultant and financial coach. She’s helped more than a dozen area nonprofits fundraise and promote awareness of the need for basic financial literacy programs throughout the region.

After marrying her high school sweetheart and becoming a mother to two beautiful children, Rochelle decided that it was time to take a break from the traditional workforce and become a full time mom and part time entrepreneur. As a frequent volunteer Rochelle continues to demonstrate her commitment and dedication to supporting Jenks and its programs.


Elisha Gates – I would be a fantastic fit as secretary on the HSA board. I am motivated to help in any way. My dedication to Jenks and the success of the students is a priority.


Amy Moore – I live and work in Mt Airy. Daughter Kammy will be in 8th grade next year and have two kids who already graduated from Jenks. I’ve been treasurer for the past two years and would like to continue.